A downloadable Unity AI plugin


Simple to use, emergent decision making in Unity3D

Anywhere you need to make a decision between multiple actions, based on many considerations, DecisionFlex will make it easy:

  • Sims-like simulated humans deciding if their next action is eat, drink, work, exercise or sleep, based on thirst, hunger, wealth and fitness.
  • Soldiers choosing the next target to attack, and with what weapon, based on weapon effectiveness, target range, and ammo count
  • Bots deciding if now is a good time to pick up a health pack, based on distance to the pack and current health

In no time at all your game can be making emergent and human-like decisions. You can design and tweak them from the editor to get them exactly right:

  • Under the hood DecisionFlex uses Utility Theory to score each action, making it easy to compare apples to oranges
  • It uses familiar Unity editor tools, including the hierarchy window and animation curves, in an intuitive manner
  • DecisionFlex is easy to connect to your game, with minimal scripting. It requires no complex math equations

Comes with full tutorial and three comprehensive demo scenes.

More: http://tenpn.com/DecisionFlex.html

Requires Unity 4.3+


Version 1.1

  • Added BooleanConsideration
  • Official Unity 5 support

Version 1.0

  • DecisionFlex & demos now run on iOS will full stripping

Version 0.9

  • Completed tutorial
  • Iterated documentation
  • Fixed iPerson demo not printing action names on graph
  • Added doc/support links to help menu

Version 0.8

  • Feature complete
  • In-progress tutorial
  • First-draft documentation


This Unity AI plugin is currently unavailable